Unlocking our muses...

Hey everyone, 

I have been talking with Steve for awhile now about how to bring relevant and interesting content from our everyday lives into our Potter & Woodsmith blog page. We really want everyone who visits our site and follows us to have an authentic and dynamic look into what drives our vision and inspiration. 

That being said, we're changing the way we structure and develop this section of our website. Along with a lot more studio posts, we're going to start talking about other hobbies, and areas of our life that both enrich and inspire our work. 

Those who know us personally, know how important our home environment is to us. We strongly believe in enriching the world around us and we do things everyday to help make that a reality in our lives and in the lives of those around us. When we aren't in the studio, it is very common for us to be renovating, decorating, gardening, antiquing, or striving for a more simple and natural home. We also love to travel and explore, even if it's just a local day trip. All of these muses immensely impact our functional art so It seems only natural to share them with you. Our hope is that this will help give you a more faceted idea of who we are and maybe even give you some fun ideas to try for yourself along the way.

We truly believe in the value of handcrafting as much of your life as possible. Whether by making it yourself or sourcing from an actual maker or artisan. We believe that new isn't always better, and keeping things simple and natural should be done as much as possible. We hope you all follow along as we explain exactly what that means for us. 


Sara & Steve.