A tale of buyer's remorse... and how we're changing it.


If I had a blog a year ago, I could have posted grand remodeling stories of our 1900’s farm house. We renovated basically the entire place down to studs, moved some walls, re-routed plumbing, and even put in a salvaged clawfoot tub that I refinished by hand. It was my dream bathroom suite and had a lake view. But then, life happened.

Many weeks of our lives wen't into making this room a reality

Many weeks of our lives wen't into making this room a reality

For many reasons, we moved and reality hit hard. The real estate market was FIERCE. Our old home sold in a day and we had no idea how hard we would have to fight to find a new house. It was certainly a crazy seller’s market and all the beautiful old homes we found sold in a matter of hours. We didn't stand a chance and had no time to waste. The house we did find worked so well for our studio space and we saw what it COULD be. It was in the right area so we hurriedly signed on the dotted line. 

Ridiculous as it is, a little bit of panic and heartbreak set it. Nothing about my personality likes a “new” house. It sounds so silly to say, but old homes are immeshed down deep in my soul. I get a feeling of comfort and happiness from them that a new house just cannot fill. I know that I should just be happy to have a warm and safe roof over my head. I get that, I really do. But at the end of the day, I still have to live there and be inspired there in order to make my business and personal life thrive so I can pay it forward. So, I guess that’s how I will shamelessly justify my fussiness for housing and decor. I’m a Taurus, who inherently likes the finer things in life and it simply can’t be helped.

The house we bought is very much a relic of 1970s suburbia with updates but not in our style or any particular style for that matter. The house didn’t feel like it knew what it wanted to be. Like it didn't have a clue what it was. A little bit of 70s here... a little bit of 90s there ... After our first night there I told Steve that I felt like I had spent the night in someone else’s home. I should also mention that on the first night we slept in a room that the previous owner had painted HOT PINK AND ZEBRA print that made sunglasses indoors at night seem very appropriate. The silver lining was that it worked so well for my day-to-day studio life which I desperately needed in order to make my growing business work. I thought it would be amusing to share with you the photos of the house as it was left for us at move in. For those friends who are interior designers, I beg you to forgive me for the graphic content you're about to encounter. 

I cannot imagine that I am only one who has had this feeling. So I am going to share with you how I am overcoming my buyer’s remorse by stopping the ridiculous and quiet pity party. This is where I will document everything we do to transform it into a house that we actually see ourselves living in for a long time. This section of our blog is going to be all about being grateful for what we have in our home and making it our own. Its going to be real and a real work in progress. This isn’t something we’re taking a loan out for or a rapid renovation project. It’s the day-to-day, still got bills to pay, take it in slow stride approach to claiming our space. We are deliberately taking our time to find the right things to make our house feel like home. We refuse to continue to buy and re-buy “on trend” decor that doesn't truly speak to our souls or feel personal. There won’t be a grand reveal of each room. I plan to post as we transform our spaces with creativity, antique finds, and thoughtful family mementos. If for no other reason than to remind myself to be grateful for the amazing home and life that I am so fortunate to share with the people I love.