Change is a good thing.

Hey, Everyone! 

For the last 6 years, we have proudly been The Potter & Woodsmith. However, over the next months, things will be shifting in an exciting way and I wanted to reach out to let you know how and why. As an artist first and foremost, I feel it is important to dive deeper into my aesthetic and personal brand. In that spirit and in an effort to get back to the core of what started this little "side project" to begin with, we've decided to re-brand. 

In the weeks to come, we will become known as

Ritual Clay Company.


The decision to re-brand is definitely not one that has come lightly and without a great deal of consideration. We know that doing such a thing is taking a risk. But we started this whole company on a big risk and because of your help, that risk has absolutely paid off. We've always considered our branding and web presence to be fairly decent. However, we're planning to transition into something much stronger and exciting than we've ever felt that we've had before and we really want you to get excited, too! We want to make sure we're notable and easily understood. When someone sees a piece of my pottery, I want there to be no mistaking where it came from.

Why Ritual Clay Company? 

When I first started thinking about a re-brand I knew that I wanted the name to strike right at the core of who I am as an artist. I wanted my brand to be an absolute reflection of who I am and why I create the functional art that I do. 

The interaction between someone who buys my pottery and how it makes them feel is why I'm driven each day to create.  I am deeply pulled by the hope of bringing people together through my work. There is one thing that is a common thread amongst everyone. Habit and ritual. Some people make themselves one peaceful cup of coffee in their favorite mug to start an otherwise hectic day. Others cook large Sunday dinners for their whole family and serve it up on a platter I had the honor of making. Regardless of how we ritualize, we do these things as an act of love and devotion to the people we cherish or things we deeply believe in.


Each time I set out to make a new piece there's also a certain set of steps that I take towards a finished work that is a ritual all its own. Now, more than ever in my artistic practice, I am inspired by the things that connect us and the moments that allow us to celebrate the goodness of life. Whether big or small, Ritual is how we show the world who we are and what we love. 


What will change? 

  • Our core inventory will be my handcrafted pottery. 

  • Woodcraft other items will become something we only offer on special occasions. 

  • Steve will still very much be apart of the company because I cannot do this without him. However, he's shifting roles to help me with our growing pottery demand and administrative tasks. It will also free him up to do more entrepreneurial projects that he has been nice enough to put off all these years in order to make wood items for P&W.
  • We will no longer carry art prints.
  • We will have a brand new website. 
  • We will offer Wedding Registries!
  •  Local pick up, consults, and shopping will get easier! We're currently building out a private entrance to our studio space that will have a tiny little retail-style front to it.It will be by appointment and availability only. 
  • The stamp on the bottom of each piece! It will now say Ritual Clay Co. 

What will stay the same? 

  • Handcrafted Pottery! Focusing only on clay items will give me a great opportunity to show all aspects of myself and my work to my customers who are demanding more! 
  • All of the popular pottery items we sell will stay and I will be able to produce more of the most coveted items.  I also have plans for more new items throughout the year based on supporter feedback. 
  • Our address will remain unchanged. I'm still working out of my home studio in Rochester, NY

I know that change can sometimes be scary, but I really hope you all embrace this new chapter with us! I promise to do my best not to disappoint! If you have any comments or thoughts please feel free to use the comments section and I will do my best to reply. If you're following us on Instagram, please sign up to get notifications. That will give you a step-by-step update of all the new changes as they unfold. 

Thanks so much for your support. 

- Sara:-)