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Flora Cotta: My first creative collaboration class

Earlier this spring I had the opportunity to host my first formal pottery class. I teamed up with Shelby Beyler of The Botanist to create Floral Cotta: A creative learning experience.


The class aimed at connecting students back to the earth in two forms, clay & soil. We both share a love for the natural world and feel there is such importance in grounding yourself with the earth. It was a two night class. The first night, I taught students the basics of slab-built pottery which allowed them to construct their very own terra cotta planter. Each was unique and you could see everyone’s personalities come out through the form and design of their work. Then, I took the most delicate car ride of my life back to my studio to fire each pot safely.


With all our planters properly fired for class #2, Shelby taught us how to mix soil and pot a spider plant. She also gave tips and tricks to make sure they live long and healthy lives in our homes. Watching others getting excited to connect with clay and plants was such an amazing experience for me. It sparked a love for teaching that I have since been eager to grow. We had about 30 people attend and we couldn’t have been happier about it.


As always, the Brainery was a great space and gracious host. We had the honor of a local photographer named Romana Žáčková present to capture all the magic. All photos in this post are taken by her. Thank you so much, Romana. Here’s a gallery of our time together.

Since then, a lot has transpired. I have a strong yearning to teach more and have started making plans for more classes. I’d love YOUR input. I’ve created a form to get better insight into what classes you’d like to see in Ritual’s future. Feel free to also use the comments section below to share your experiences as a class participate or to tell me what you hope I can offer in the future.

The brainery also wrote a little bit about our event. You can check that out below.

Remember to make time for your Rituals. ‘til next post! xo-Sara