We’re currently planning our 2nd Annual party!

Check back soon for more details! In the meantime, scroll below to see info from last year’s amazing event!


So who will be there?

Hey there, lets take a minute to introduce ourselves.

We all live, work, and produce our handcrafted goods in the Rochester area.

we’re bringing our well-paired offerings together in one place to make supporting and gifting local a breeze this holiday season.


All of my work is small batch. Handcrafted in my home studio here in Rochester. The interaction between someone who buys my pottery and how it makes them feel is why I'm driven each day to create. I am deeply pulled by the hope of bringing people together through my work. Follow along on my journey through Instagram @ritualclayco


Shelby Beyler is the curator and founder of The Botanist. The Botanist offers indoor plant education and consultation to the community along with pop-ups across Monroe County and plant rentals for events and photoshoots. Shelby's main priority is to provide the urban community of Rochester (and surrounding areas) houseplant knowledge to those who wish to bring nature into their homes. You can keep up with her events and tips on Instagram @thebotanist_rochester


Peach Rose Studio is the creative practice of Ashley Landon Halabuda, a multi-disciplinary artist and designer based in Rochester, New York. Formerly working under the name The Knotty Owl, Ashley is still primarily focused on building her collection of handcrafted jewelry and one of a kind bespoke jewelry pieces. Ashley has spent the majority of her life dedicated to studying both art and design, with a belief that a well-rounded background in materials and techniques leads to more freedom and creativity in her work. Ashley holds a Bachelor's degree of Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute of Brooklyn.

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In today's chaotic, digital life, maintaining a connection a nature is more important than ever.

Môs recreates the beauty of the natural world and brings it to your indoor living space with naturally preserved mosses and ferns. They are forever green and maintenance free while maintaining their soft textures, intricate details, and vibrant colors. For a sneak peak of David’s creations visit him on instagram @davidmcginnisdesign


The first few batches of Linwood Candles came to life on my kitchen stove overlooking Linwood Avenue in Buffalo, New York. I fell in love with the process and how it demanded me to slow down. To be patient and intentional. From melting the wax, mixing the correct amount of essential oils and slowly hand-pouring each individual candle.